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A Welcome Respite in Isabella Pacetti-Perkins’ Pendlebury Brew

A Welcome Respite in Isabella Pacetti-Perkins’ Pendlebury Brew

There are a billion (estimate) places to grab a cup of coffee near the Medical Center. And, perhaps, if the merely pragmatic pick-me-up of a quick cup is all you are after, you might not take much note of the latest addition to that array of java-slinging establishments: Pendlebury Brew. If, however, you like a

Texas Competes Pledge Reaches 500+ Signatures

Texas Competes, a coalition funded by Equality Texas, recently announced a major milestone after reaching more than 500 signatures (Google, Marriott, Whole Foods, American Airlines, IBM, Dell, SXSW and SeaWorld among them) from Texas business leaders committed to ensuring the protection and inclusion of LGBT people within the state’s varied businesses. The coalition believes that the state’s

Flea-market babies

We don’t just put out old furniture and wait till somebody comes by and buys it.” Anthony and Uriel Diaz, known as “the boys” to their loyal patrons, manage Karolina’s Antiques on Blanco Road. Still in their 20s, the brothers are younger, browner, and gayer than the average antique shop’s management. But while they may