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Get Ready to Rumble with the LGBT Smackdown ‘Wrestle Empire’

Get Ready to Rumble with the LGBT Smackdown ‘Wrestle Empire’

Originally published in the San Antonio Current. Possibly the most unusual aspect of San Antonio’s annual Pride Bigger Than Texas Parade and Festival (taking place July 1 in Crockett Park), Pride Championship Wrestling (PCW) bills itself as “the first LGBT wrestling organization in San Antonio and the United States.” Presented in partnership with The Royal,

Huddle Up with the San Antonio Regulators

In the shadows of star UCF fighters Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey still lurks the taboo notion of women expressing themselves through physical contact. The International Women’s Football League (IWFL) struggles to escape that belief. The league was established four years after the WNBA, but has yet to catch its footing under outdated ideals. San

LGBT Alamo City Tennis Classic Kicks Off Friday

Hosted by the Tennis Club of San Antonio (TCSA) and benefiting Spay-Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP) and Thrive Youth Center, the inaugural Alamo City Tennis Classic (ACTC) is one of the first international LGBT sports competitions of its kind in San Antonio. “We plan to give back to the community, and the main reason we will

From closeted to ‘Fearless’

Jeff Sheng honors student athletes like Matt Dooley, who found the courage to come out. Life is good these days for Matt Dooley, who is starting his second year at the University of Texas Medical School at Houston. This summer he was busy researching multiple sclerosis. His step is a little lighter, his outlook on

Gay softball returns to San Antonio

Cory Elias has lived in San Antonio her whole life and had always wondered why San Antonio did not have a gay softball league. Cities across America, which are much smaller than San Antonio, play gay softball. In Texas alone, Austin, Dallas, and Houston have long had thriving gay softball leagues, each with dozens of