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SA Native Robert Camina Revisits Tragedy in ‘Upstairs Inferno’

SA Native Robert Camina Revisits Tragedy in ‘Upstairs Inferno’

After working seven years at a marketing and research firm in Dallas, Robert L. Camina was finally ready to pursue the dream that seemed to evade him since graduating from Roosevelt High School in San Antonio in 1991. Filmmaking was all he wanted to do. “I’ve always had entertainment in my blood ever since I

Bounce into 2016 with Big Freedia

New Orleans-based bounce artist Big Freedia, aka the Queen Diva, is hosting a New Year’s Day party at Paper Tiger. Since gaining national recognition via appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live and Last Call with Carson Daly, Big Freedia — a gay man who favors female pronouns but does not identify as transgender — has been spearheading the

Out of the kitchen: Fred Anthony Garza

Garza was inspired by the play Doña Rosita’s Jalapeño Kitchen. At first glance, it would seem problematic at best to consider opening a vegan, gluten-free, Tex-Mex restaurant on Nogalitos Street just north of I-90. This is hardcore old-school country. But that’s exactly the point, says Fred Anthony Garza, whose Vegeria on upper Broadway, a “grassroots

Gene Elder interviews photographer Susan Riley

“My shots of Elvis Presley from a concert here in San Antonio have been lost to the universe.” Gene: Hi, Susan. Welcome to my humble Chartreuse Couch. I am so glad you could be here to talk about your photography for Fotoseptiembre. Just move those pillows over and sit and feel the love. Susan: Hey,