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Art Historian Ruben C. Cordova to Lecture on the ‘Penis in Art’

Art Historian Ruben C. Cordova to Lecture on the ‘Penis in Art’

From the ancient Greeks to the work of Robert Mapplethorpe, the penis in art has had an extensive treatment, one which any art historian would be hard-pressed to ignore. On Wednesday, March 1, local curator and art historian Ruben C. Cordova will present a lecture on this very topic at Fl!GHT Gallery. Held in conjunction

Retrospective Celebrates the Work of Latino Artist Ángel Rodríguez-Díaz

At the turn of the 21 century, San Antonio could boast of immensely talented artists whose bodies of work illustrated the Latino American experience. Most of these artists, however, have gone largely unrecognized by national institutions. Aside from artists César Martinez and Kathy Vargas, few had been treated to career-spanning retrospectives. In 2015, art historian

Fl!ght Gallery Presents Early Work by Angel Rodríguez-Díaz

On Thursday, February 2, Fl!ight Gallery opens two exhibitions curated by art historian Ruben Cordova of rediscovered early work by artist Angel Rodríguez-Díaz. The main gallery exhibition, billed as Angel Rodríguez-Díaz: Nueva York to San Antonio, will shed light on the development of the artist’s technique before his arrival in San Antonio. Rodríguez-Díaz is Puerto Rican and

Artpace Exhibit Reveals “Diversity” of San Antonio Art Community

As part of its year-long 21st birthday celebration, this summer’s Artpace Window Works Exhibition offers a photographic glimpse by Ramin Samandari of former exhibiting artists, collaborators, and staffers. Titled “Faces of Artpace,” the exhibition comprises 56 portraits from Samandari’s larger project San Antonio Faces of Art, which has been two years in the making, and opens at