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Trauma isn’t confined to the battlefield

Trauma isn’t confined to the battlefield

In 2015, transgender military members risk administrative separation, meaning the person is forced out of the service, typically with no educational or retirement benefits.   Love and change are not mutually exclusive terms. Unfortunately, fear creeps in when there is change. I love this country and tear up when the national anthem is played. Lately,

Responding to bigotry with style and grace

Well, the holidays are long gone, and I’d like to point out the obvious now that the threat of spoilers is over: No, Timmy, there is no Santa Claus, and yes, the Bible does condemn homosexuality. Wait … don’t close that tab! During the winter break, a lot of folks came out to their loved

Fanshen Cox DiGiovanni on One Drop of Love

Saturday, January 17 $34.50 ($20 students), 2pm & 8pm Carlos Alvarez Studio Theatre at the Tobin   Fanshen Cox DiGiovanni brings her multimedia, one-woman show One Drop of Love to the Carlos Alvarez Studio Theatre at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts this weekend. Produced by Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Cox DiGiovanni, the

Exit interview: Police Chief William McManus

Last July, San Antonio Police Chief William McManus announced he would be leaving the department at the end of the year to accept a position at CPS Energy heading up the utility’s security operations. McManus, a native of Philadelphia, came to San Antonio in the summer of 2006. He spent 23 years on the Washington

Dr. Stone dissects anti-gay rhetoric

Special rights! Girls’ bathrooms! Every child needs a mother and a father! Pray the gay away! Many of us were involved in the successful campaign last year to pass a city-wide non-discrimination ordinance here in San Antonio that has protections for sexual orientation and gender identity. And during Citizens to Be Heard meetings and protests,