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Growing Number of Corporate Leaders Step Up Opposition to Bathroom Bill

Growing Number of Corporate Leaders Step Up Opposition to Bathroom Bill

CEO’s from 10 Fortune 500 companies voiced their opposition to the Texas bathroom bill in a letter which was sent to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Thursday, August 3. “No industry will remain untouched by the unnecessary harm that discriminatory laws will do to our competitiveness, to our ability to attract talent, and to our

Uber San Antonio says it’s leaving if new regs remain

After the San Antonio City Council passed what many consider one of the worst regulatory frameworks in the country for TNCs last year, Uber announced this past week it would be suspending operations in the city unless favorable changes are made to the regulations. The regulations are scheduled to go into effect starting March 1,

A blow by blow of the vote to regulate Uber and Lyft

In a 7-2 vote, San Antonio’s City Council amended its vehicle-for-hire laws to include regulations for transportation network companies (TNCs) such as Uber and Lyft. The new regulations will go into effect March 1 of next year. While the new regs will allow the TNCs to operate legally within San Antonio, they might drive Uber and Lyft

SA Council vote could push out Uber, Lyft

San Antonio might soon make national headlines, but not in a way city leaders hope for. Depending how City Council votes Thursday on the regulation of transportation network companies (TNCs), one of them might pull service completely from the city. In a letter to the mayor and councilmembers, Leandre Johns, Uber’s General Manager, said that