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Religious Right Lobbyists Are the Lone Supporters of the Texas Bathroom Bill

Religious Right Lobbyists Are the Lone Supporters of the Texas Bathroom Bill

Originally published in the San Antonio Current. Law enforcement. The National Football League. Tech companies. Small businesses. And now, the largest oil and gas companies in the nation. None of the communities Texas Republicans have historically rallied behind want the GOP-led state legislature to pass its so-called “bathroom bill.” In fact, each and every one

Activists Denounce Lawsuit that Seeks to Block Benefits to Married Same-Sex Couples in Texas

Texas LGBT activists have filed amicus briefs in a case pending before the Texas Supreme Court (Pidgeon v. Harris) where the City of Houston’s ability to provide spousal benefits to married same-sex couples is being challenged. The case, brought against the City of Houston by anti-LGBT lobbyists Jonathan Saenz and Jared Woodfill, would specifically block

Equality Texas Launches TransVisible Project

In the aftermath of the defeat of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, the Equality Texas Foundation is launching a public awareness campaign called the TransVisible Project. “The purpose of TVP is to educate Texans that transgender people are our neighbors, families, coworkers, and friends,” said Lou Weaver, transgender programs coordinator for Equality Texas. The defeat

Equality Texas Takes on Proposed ‘Religious Liberty’ Legislation

Despite support from more and more Americans for LGBT equality, Texas’ Republican politicians are still doing everything they can to thwart progress in the Lone Star State. This week in Austin, Steve Rudner, Chairman of the Board of Equality Texas, testified against several dozen pieces of anti-LGBT legislation referred to the Senate State Affairs Committee