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Anti-LGBTQ Bills Flood State Legislature as Filing Deadline Arrives

Anti-LGBTQ Bills Flood State Legislature as Filing Deadline Arrives

Friday, March 15 was the deadline for filing bills for this session of the Texas Legislature and as expected, Republicans have unleashed a torrent of proposed legislation aimed a scaling back the rights of LGBTQ Texans. On March 18, Equality Texas released a list of “bad bills” and expressed particular concern for two bills: SB15

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick Advances Bills by Two Anti-LGBT Senators

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick has advanced two bills in the Senate that would allow professionals who provide health and counseling services to discriminate based on their “sincerely held religious beliefs.” The first bill, SB 444, which was introduced by Sen. Charles Perry (R-Lubbock), applies to anyone holding or applying for a professional license. The

Anti-LGBT Bills Filed a Week Before Special Legislative Session

On July 10, Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued a proclamation calling members of the State Legislature to a Special Legislative Session which is set to begin on July 18. Within hours of the governor’s announcement, two lawmakers filed three bills which would affect transgender Texans’ bathroom use and threaten the protections LGBT citizens have under

Keeping Track of Pro and Anti-LGBT Bills in Texas Legislature

The 85th Texas Legislature opened on January 10, starting a 140-day work session with a Republican majority. So far this session, 17 pro-LGBT bills and four anti-LGBT bills have been filed. Among the bills proposed to benefit LGBT Texans is legislation repealing laws that are still on the books which punish homosexual conduct; prohibiting discrimination