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Benefit for SA Homeless Teens Asks Participants to Sleep in Park for ‘Just One Night’

Benefit for SA Homeless Teens Asks Participants to Sleep in Park for ‘Just One Night’

A local fundraiser is asking participants to spend a night sleeping in a local park in order to illustrate the plight of homeless San Antonio teens. The benefit, dubbed Just One Night, is slated for April 14 in Maverick Park and will benefit the Thrive Youth Center and Stand Up For Kids, both of which

Castro Announces HUD and True Colors #40toNoneDay

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and former San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro announced on April 27 that HUD has partnered with the True Colors Fund to address the problems of homeless LGBT youth In his announcement, which was delivered via a video on Facebook, Castro says, “In January of 2015 more than 46,000 youth

Most Influential 2015: Sandra Whitley

Thanks to the efforts of Whitley—a self-described survivor of a tough West Texas childhood—and her small but dedicated team, San Antonio is one of the few cities in the U.S. to offer shelter and support to homeless LGBTQ youth, who are often homeless precisely because they have been rejected or persecuted by family and peers.

Transgender teens struggle in foster care

Alex lived with her family in a nice home in an affluent San Antonio suburb, where she had all the comforts and advantages that come with that life. Although she was born male, Alex identifies as a female, a revelation that led to friction with her family and her eventual estrangement from them. “My mother

Thrive Youth Center opens at Haven for Hope

Thrive Youth Center and Haven for Hope initiated a partnership this week to serve homeless LGBT youth ages 18 to 25. On Wednesday, Thrive staff and clients moved into their office and dorm areas at Haven for Hope. A press conference was held on February 28 to mark the official opening of the new facility.

Thrive Youth Center readies opening at Haven for Hope

It looks like the efforts aimed at finding a space for the Thrive Youth Center for homeless LGBT youth may soon come to fruition thanks to a partnership with Haven for Hope, the city’s homeless services campus. Looking ahead, Thrive could open as soon as mid-February. Things have changed since last December when the Travis

Zoning Commission approves homeless LGBT youth shelter at church

The City of San Antonio’s Zoning Commission approved the zoning change request of a downtown church that plans to host a homeless shelter for LGBT youth. The decision was announced at the commission’s meeting on December 16. The Travis Park United Methodist Church filed for the zoning change to reclassify it’s building at 230 E.

First shelter for homeless LGBT youth to open in S.A.

The first non-profit in San Antonio to provide overnight shelter exclusively to homeless LGBT youth will open on November 18. Sandra Whitley, executive director of the Thrive Youth Center, says it will begin offering overnight shelter for young people aged 17 to 25 on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 p.m. to 7 a.m. The facility