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Erika and Shay Forbes-Wilson on Building ‘The Real Power Couples’

Erika and Shay Forbes-Wilson on Building ‘The Real Power Couples’

“Fall in love, stay in love, using the power of your love.” That is the motto of Reverend Erika Forbes-Wilson and Shay Forbes-Wilson, founders of the San Antonio-based endeavor The Real Power Couples. With marriage equality now a reality, officiants Erika, an ordained interfaith minister, and Shay, a personal trainer, are on a mission to

Eric Alva Marries Danny Ingram

In a ceremony on September 21 at the Bexar County Courthouse, retired Marine Staff Sergeant Eric Fidelis Alva married David Daniel (Danny) Ingram, an Army veteran and former technical analyst at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The couple was married by Judge Genie Wright with a small group of friends and family present to witness

Activists Denounce Lawsuit that Seeks to Block Benefits to Married Same-Sex Couples in Texas

Texas LGBT activists have filed amicus briefs in a case pending before the Texas Supreme Court (Pidgeon v. Harris) where the City of Houston’s ability to provide spousal benefits to married same-sex couples is being challenged. The case, brought against the City of Houston by anti-LGBT lobbyists Jonathan Saenz and Jared Woodfill, would specifically block