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Ron Nirenberg Wins Mayoral Runoff Election

Ron Nirenberg Wins Mayoral Runoff Election

Originally published in the San Antonio Current. Councilman Ron Nirenberg unseated incumbent Mayor Ivy Taylor in a heated runoff election for San Antonio mayor Saturday night. “Tonight the voters got it right,” Nirenberg told the crowd gathered at his election headquarters Saturday night. “Tonight the voters rejected the politics of division and false choices. They

Why I don’t want to take down my Leticia yard sign

By Christine Bishop I have always paid attention to politics and I have always voted. It’s important to me to stay informed and involved. Over the past several months I  spent a significant amount of time on the sidelines of the Leticia Van de Putte campaign as the girlfriend of someone working for Leticia. In

Adkisson endorses Taylor for mayor

LGBT voters in San Antonio were stunned on May 21 when they learned of an email being circulated by former County Commissioner and mayoral candidate Tommy Adkisson saying he would endorse Mayor Ivy Taylor in the runoff election. The email was brief and to the point in announcing the mid-day press conference on the steps

With budget vote, mayor’s NDO proposal passes

Mayor Ivy R. Taylor’s proposal to create a Department of Diversity and Inclusion and hire a human relations liaison to run it became reality on May 14 when the City Council approved the measure as part of the city budget. The proposal, designated Item 16 in the budget, was among other items on the consent

SA attorney files ethics complaint against Ivy Taylor

A local attorney has filed an ethics complaint against Mayor Ivy R. Taylor for her failure to report income she received from her husband’s bail bond business on financial statements she filed with the city. On May 4, the San Antonio Express-News reported that since 2009, Taylor  failed to include income from Marshall Bail Bonds

Commentary: Ivy Taylor no friend to LGBT community

By Justin Nichols, Guest Contributor It’s no secret there’s little love between Mayor Ivy R. Taylor and the LGBT community. On social media she’s become known as ‘Poison Ivy.’  Make no mistake – Taylor’s stint as mayor has been, and would be, poison to our city’s LGBT population. First, there’s the issue of the nondiscrimination