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Queer on the range, in Amor sin fronteras

Queer on the range, in Amor sin fronteras

On view until May 31 at San Angel Folk Art Gallery is Amor sin fronteras: The works of Felix D’Eon, an exhibit of small-scale works on paper by Mexico City artist Felix D’Eon. It marks the artist’s first showing here in Texas. The work in Amor sin fronteras depicts gay and lesbian couples throughout history

More Than Words features Ramirez, Diaz

More Than Words “History of Text in Visual Art” Ruiz-Healy Art 201-A East Olmos Drive ruizhealyart.com April 11 at 1pm, Ruiz-Healy Art will host “History of Text in Visual Art” by guest lecturer Ruben Cordova in conjunction with its current exhibition More Than Words: Text Based Artworks. “We are very excited to have Ruben Cordova,”

Was Jesus gay?

Was Jesus gay? Believe it or not, some very interesting moments exist in the Bible that imply certain intriguing possibilities. “Preposterous!” devout fundamentalists proclaim. Really? More preposterous than claiming Jesus would be against food stamps, universal health care, immigration and queers? There are dozens of examples of Jesus feeding the poor and entreating his followers

Tracking queer couples and gentrification

The relationship between the queer community and gentrification can be slippery to define, in part because the latter term is sometimes used loosely. But conventional wisdom assumes a causal relationship: “While GLBTQ people in general are participants in gentrification, gay men in particular are often at the vanguard of gentrifying neighborhoods,” writes sociologist Mikaila Mariel

Responding to bigotry with style and grace

Well, the holidays are long gone, and I’d like to point out the obvious now that the threat of spoilers is over: No, Timmy, there is no Santa Claus, and yes, the Bible does condemn homosexuality. Wait … don’t close that tab! During the winter break, a lot of folks came out to their loved

Robert Salcido reports on Creating Change 2015

The National Conference on LGBT Equality: Creating Change convened in Denver, Colorado, February 4-8, 2015, for it’s 27th annual conference. Those in the movement and social justice circles may very well know exactly what Creating Change is all about. For those not in the know, it is the largest gathering of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender,

The New Black: film and panel discussion

Friday, January 16 $10 suggest donation, 6-9pm McNay Art Museum, 6000 N. New Braunfels dreamweek.org   Directed by Yoruba Richen, The New Black (2013) is a documentary that shows how the African American community is struggling with gay rights, especially the recent gay marriage movement. In the film, activists, families and leaders of the church share

It’s time to forgive Anita Bryant

With all this pedophilia being exposed over the years–the Catholic Church and now Westminster–one has to think back to Anita Bryant and her “Save Our Children” warpath where it all started. We must remember that when she began her campaign this was before AIDS, and before pedophilia was discussed as a separate category. It was

Jump-Start Performance Party XXX

Saturday, January 10, 2014, 7 – 11pm Beacon Hill Neighbors at 700 Fredericksburg Rd.  $5 With 30 years of theater-making under their belt, there’s one thing that can certainly be said for Jump-Start Theatre Company: these local trailblazers know how to collaborate, developing innovative new works that serve as “a lasting voice of diverse cultures