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Esperanza Center to Host ‘Trans Kids Back-to-School’ Workshop

Esperanza Center to Host ‘Trans Kids Back-to-School’ Workshop

Back-to-school time can be daunting for any child. For transgender children and their parents, the beginning of a new school year holds challenges the rest of the population may not face. On September 30, the Esperanza Peace and Justice Center will present its second annual ‘Son Tus Niños También – Trans Kids Back to School’ workshop

Esperanza Exhibition Is a Call to Action

After the Supreme Court’s landmark case making gay marriage legal in 2015, it was easy to believe that gay people had finally achieved some semblance of equality. Yet, with the election of President Donald Trump one year later, it seems minority communities are more vulnerable than ever. Moved by the current political climate, the Esperanza

Local Exhibitions Celebrate Diversity, Emphasize Humanity

In the wake of Kathy Griffin’s recent photo scandal, involving the fake severed head of President Donald Trump, artists around the country continue to speak out against the anti-immigrant and non-inclusive policies of the president’s administration. While most can agree that Griffin’s staged photo of a beheading crosses the line of decency, it no doubt

LGBT Activists Invite Community to MLK March

When local activists Darrell Garcia Parsons and his husband, Jason Garcia Parsons, learned that no local LGBT group was organizing the community to participate in the  city’s Martin Luther King, Jr. March on January 16, they decided to take on the task themselves. “Jason and I were planning on marching anyways and had not heard