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R&B Singer Deborah Cox Stars in ‘The Bodyguard’ at the Majestic

R&B Singer Deborah Cox Stars in ‘The Bodyguard’ at the Majestic

It’s a case of life imitating art. In the 2000 single Same Script, Different Cast by Whitney Houston and Deborah Cox, the two women sing about a philandering partner who has led their relationship awry. “I was his star for many nights,” Houston tells Cox. “Now the roles have changed and you’re the leading lady in his

Bill Maher Brings Political Satire to Majestic Theatre

Stand-up comedian, talk-show host and political commentator, Bill Maher, is bringing his live comedy tour to the Majestic Theatre. Maher, a staunch supporter of gay marriage, animal rights, and atheism, has made his career calling out bigots and hypocrites. His public feuds with so-called conservatives have pushed the boundaries of public decency, and he is unapologetic

Alan Cumming Reveals Himself with ‘Sappy Songs’

When Alan Cumming steps onto the stage at the Majestic Theatre this summer, he will need no introduction. With a career spanning nearly three decades, you may recognize the 51-year-old actor and singer from Hollywood blockbusters (X-Men 2, Spy Kids, GoldenEye) or perhaps as Eli Gold on the critically acclaimed CBS drama The Good Wife.