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Anti-LGBTQ Bills Flood State Legislature as Filing Deadline Arrives

Anti-LGBTQ Bills Flood State Legislature as Filing Deadline Arrives

Friday, March 15 was the deadline for filing bills for this session of the Texas Legislature and as expected, Republicans have unleashed a torrent of proposed legislation aimed a scaling back the rights of LGBTQ Texans. On March 18, Equality Texas released a list of “bad bills” and expressed particular concern for two bills: SB15

Equality Texas Calls on Legislature to Enact Laws to Protect LGBTQ Texans

Originally published in the San Antonio Current. Citing a new report detailing barriers to equality in the state, Equality Texas, the largest LGBTQ advocacy group in the state, is demanding the legislature pass comprehensive nondiscrimination laws this session. At a February 27 press conference, activists, parents and members of the Texas House LGBTQ Caucus joined

New Poll Shows Majority of Texans Support LGBT Protections

A new poll released on January 30 shows that a majority of Texans support laws which would protect LGBT citizens from discrimination in employment, public accommodations and housing. The poll, released by the Public Religion Research Institute, reveals that support for LGBT Texans is bipartisan and endorsed by many religious organizations including white evangelicals. Researchers

Chuck Smith is Leaving Equality Texas; Interim Executive Director is Named

Equality Texas announced on December 17 that its executive director, Chuck Smith is leaving and being replaced with an interim executive director. No reason was given for Smith’s departure. “For 15 years, Chuck Smith served our organization, establishing Equality Texas as a credible, successful, and relentless advocate in Texas state politics,” Elizabeth Myers, president of