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Stonewall Dems Announce Candidate Forum Ahead of March Primary

Stonewall Dems Announce Candidate Forum Ahead of March Primary

The Stonewall Democrats of San Antonio announced their candidate forum and endorsement meeting will take place on Sunday, January 28 in the Trinidad Room at the El Tropicano Hotel. The purpose of the forum is to hear from candidates who are running for office and to vote on endorsements. The meeting is being held ahead

Intimacy in the Face of Fear

I had been planning a column on rebuilding relationships after a particularly heinous election year. “Elephants Need Love, Too” or something silly like that. But something happened that I didn’t really expect. Donald Trump won the election and the already-strained relationships surrounding his candidacy began to fracture and crumble. I was working out of town

Unbreakable Molly Cox

The SA2020 CEO on kicking dominos and coming out It was only 11 years ago that Molly Cox took an exacting look at herself in the mirror and once again sensed a feeling that something was “off.” Holding her gaze, she picked up her toothbrush and began brushing her teeth. Cox, a counter, was finishing

SA artists protest Cuba’s treatment of Tania Bruguera

Though their group was small, their message was clear; Tania Bruguera should be free to practice her art. Standing in a light drizzling rain, about 10 people met in front of the Alamo on a Friday evening in late May to show support for international Cuban-born artist Tania Bruguera. Anjali Gupta, sirector of San Antonio

Robert Tobin and the fight for the Medical Center

 “Here was a very dignified gay man, who, by today’s standards, never discussed his sexuality in any kind of open environment.”   In Richard Wagner’s Götterdämmerung, the composer’s Romanticism was both idealistic (infinite longing) and fatalistic (inevitable disappointment). The moral of the opera–“attempting to hold onto what we cannot keep causes hurt and is ultimately

Adam’s Top 10 Rules for a Happy Life

Greetings, Friends. Welcome to Out In SA! So good of you to click on me! As you already know from reading our mag and website, we here at Out In SA have our fingers on the pulse, such as it is, of the GLBT community in San Antonio. Amongst the many resources we plan to

Van de Putte best choice for transgender community

In recent weeks I have attended events for the three major mayoral candidates for this spring’s city elections: former State Rep. Mike Villarreal, former State Senator Leticia Van de Putte, and former County Commissioner Tommy Adkisson. Even though I had spoken with Mike Villarreal as recently as the HRC banquet in November, when I went